mercredi 11 avril 2012

Robert Mitchum

7 commentaires:

Daniela Vetro a dit…

Sempre più bravo!
Sempre più belli!

Perchè non mettere un pulsante per la condivisione su fb?

j.etienne a dit…

Je ne connais pas l'option que tu proposes,je vais me renseigner mais sans garantie!

jean millou a dit…

Waw, ça frise le Picasso!

Benjamin Strickler a dit…

J'ai une préférence pour celle-ci, surtout pour le traitement des ombres et des matières du visage. Je te montrerai pour fb. Bon week-end!

j.etienne a dit…

Jean - je lui ai donné quelques cours à la fin de sa vie!!
Benjamin - merci pour le fb.
dans ce portrait il y a aussi 20% de dany Brillant et 5% de lino Ventura,non?

Mauricio Cardenas a dit…


Surely you are not referring to this portrait . I couldn't agree with that comment in any of your work.
This one, for example, is full of dynamic lines, intelligent use of tones, the character is caught with complete likeness and beyond likeness, personality (equally as important).
Your work looks great in the close ups, and in the large panoramics, (sometimes with several layers and very complex compositions) and they are always easy to read, with a coherent language which is lively and colorful.

I wish I could make big compositions as fresh and ordered as yours! A lot of work is necessary for achieving that.

You can have confidence.

j.etienne a dit…

MAURICIO-I guess I have to believe what you say to get more confidence !
Thanks for cheering me up !